Wednesday, June 6, 2012

weddings and other happy things

We have had an old PC kicking around in our garage since 2003 (!) It had some photos on it, like our wedding photos and baby photos of our first born.......eeep! It was one of those things where we both kept saying, we'll transfer all that to our laptop when we get a chance....well, 9 years later I finally found the time ;-)

I LOVE looking through photos. Any photos. Even 1000 photos of you on holidays in {insert dull destination here} . I will look at every one; I just love it! The photos, Oh, they took me back. We had such a wonderful time organising our wedding. Every little piece of it. Since having the fox & the spoon on Etsy, I have had a number of lovely ladies purchase vintage pieces for their own weddings which I think is SO exciting. I love to see photos afterwards too and hear their ideas. They are all so clever and I guess these days there are so many more options online too. One of these lovely ladies now runs her own wedding and event planning business in Perth. You can see Kristy's wonderful work here. Her own incredibly beautiful wedding (and I am not just saying that!) was featured on Style Me Pretty which you can view here. I hope you take a look as I think she just has a wonderful style and well, she's an all-round lovely person too.

I thought I would share 2 photos with you from my own wedding and our engagement party. The cakes! At the time of our wedding I was working full time and selling my own cakes  at markets on the weekends. I was pretty busy! Everyone told me and my own soon to be husband warned me, not to make my own wedding cake (or else!) so I didn't.....even though to me, a wedding is all about the cake!.....Luckily, My Mum knew a lady she use to work with by the name of Renee.  Similar to me, she was making cakes at home but was looking to open her own shop. So we gave Renee the opportunity to make our engagement cake and I was so incredibly happy with the look and the flavour I also begged her to make our wedding cake!  She opened her shop soon after our wedding and she has since opened 2 other stores in Sydney. She is of course, Renee from Babycakes and you can see more by visiting her website here .

Happy Weddings!

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