Thursday, November 15, 2012

simple christmas dessert or christmas sundae

Sorry it's been a while. We are all so busy, I know! Life has been turned up to 11 for the last few weeks around here.....the end though is in sight! Christmas day is only 40 days away!! I can't wait until I sit down with my family, tear open a few presents, listen to some bad jokes and eat way too much good food. Yay!

I came across Sara Lee Fruit Inspired Mixed Berry Icecream a few weeks back and I was immediately transported to Christmas. It has that lovely creamy/fruity/slightly spicy flavour of pudding icecream. Seriously! So I thought I would layer it with a few other Christmassy things to create a simple christmas dessert that anyone would love.......unless of course you're a vampire.

simple christmas dessert or christmas sundae


>1 litre Sara-lee Fruit Inspired Mixed Berry Icecream
>Christmas Cake (I used Big Sister Premium Rich Mini Christmas cakes 80g each) One cake did 2 desserts.
>1 punnet of fresh blueberries, washed and dryed with kitchen paper
>Ground cinnamon for sprinkling


select your serving bowls/glasses and layer the ingredients however you like. Top with blueberries and sprinkle with ground cinnamon. Just make sure you get the icecream to cake ratio just perfect!