Tuesday, June 19, 2012

more weddings!

I really do love weddings! as you are all well aware ;-) we hit the road to Kiama on the weekend, amidst the rain and bitterly cold breeze, to attend my Cousin's wedding. Saturday was such an awful day but Sunday, though still a tad breezy, the sun was shining and everything glistened like it was Spring or as a wedding day should!
Here we are, me and the hubby at Peace Park, Kiama, just after the nuptials (My daughter thought it was called Pizza Park.....te-he.)  Don't tell anyone but this is the 3rd time I have worn this dress! It's a Diana Ferrari and I fell in absolute love with it as soon as I laid eyes on it. When I tried it on, 1) I was in disbelief that this beautiful garment even fit me and 2) I discovered that it was an extremely flattering style; big arms! - not a problem;  pot belly! - where?; no boobs! - hello ruffles! and how amazing is that green tone? As my friend Caroline said, "You must wear that colour from now on!"......so, do you want to know how much this miracle dress cost me?............$6....yep, I know!

I go here at least once a week. I discovered it about a year ago while getting myself completely lost but that's when you happen upon amazing little places and knowing that the money they make is doing good things is a nice little bonus......it doesn't make me feel so bad about buying a brand new Diana ferrari dress with the original tag on it for $6......(!!!!!!) My most recent purchase, a stunning summer evening dress in  dark purple by Jacqui E with the original price tag of $149.95, I paid - $6. yep. Majority of  the clothes are 2nd hand but there are these little hidden gems with orginal tags in there if you have the time to look. Just remember to save me a dress or 2!.....size 10 please ;-0

back to the wedding!  here is the wedding cake. A beautiful orange and poppy seed cake that looked classic and tasted delicious! How cute is that little topper? To put it into perspective my Cousin is extrememly tall. He's like 6ft 4. His bride is tiny or just taller then my 6 year old! So I thought this sweet little topper was them all over....

Happy Weddings! oh and I should just mention that my husbands 3 piece suit cost $25. yep.

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