Saturday, June 2, 2012


I thought I would share a few quick photos from our home. This is the second place we have owned and we have been lucky enough to have bought places that have only needed a lick of paint! This house had a different colour in every room and when we moved in we painted everything in ocean pearl and had the ceilings professionally painted in a crisp white. Nearly 3 years later, everything still looks lovely and fresh and I'm so happy I went with a neautral tone. In our previous home we painted a feature wall in the loungeroom an apple green. I loved it for the first year but then it kind of took over. Because it was  a small unit it felt like everything had to revolve around this green tone. It really became a headache after a while! Needless to say, it's nice to add colour through pillows, artwork and all those little treasures we find along the way....

 A little rustic collection above the stove

 I bought this old frame at The Bower years ago, attached hessian to the back
and now it hangs in our kitchen with recipes I use the most.

I bought these old hessian sacks only recently. I've kept 2 for us
and the other 2 are in the shop. Perfect seating for little people!

Here's our lounge room. Not sure if you can see it but there's a round mirror
in the bottom left cabinet. We used them as platters at our wedding.

another view. To the left is a metal tissue holder that I bought for 55c!
The lamp at night gives a beautiful soft light and during the day the sun
shines in. I found the olive toned floral fabric in Vinnies and my Mother
in law made them into pillows for me!

The lounge looking through to the kitchen.The beautiful mirror was a gift
from my Mum's friend Louise and to the left is a page from
an old german cookbook that I bought from Percival Road   It's a picture of a woman in an apron, I call her the domestic goddess, who welcomes  all who walks through the door.....

home.  :-)

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