Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kitchen Love Part 2

Here's a little sneak peek into our very simple kitchen.....these gorgeous pink glass cups and saucers I bought about 10 years ago....I love the light reflecting through them...

Originally I had open baskets under this beautiful old table that we use as a chopping block, however with my mountain of cookbooks, it was looking like a big mess. So I bought these gorgeous old suitcases.....problem solved!

This is one of my favourite spots in the kitchen....It's actually the top of the fridge. All my old china, platters, butter dish and my gold teapot live up here...just hanging out and looking pretty. I also love the old painting too. I saw the painting, without a frame in Vinnies but bought it anyway and a few weeks later I was in my favourite place in Newtown, Newspaper Taxi and saw this gorgeous gold frame...meant to be!

Speaking of Newspaper taxi......this was their christmas party invitation for last year....I just love it and think it looks gorgeous paired with this old cake tin by Willow. My Mother-in-law was going to throw it out but asked me if I could use it for it takes pride of place in my humble little kitchen....

In our previous place the kitchen was a very vintage - pink and grey. I saw these and snapped them up! but I think they look equally as good in this kitchen too....especially with an unusual pink vase with home grown camelias and 2 old german milk glass cannisters....

So that's our kitchen - old, wooden, simple, nirvana.......oh, and that little nook near the water purifier....that's where I stand with my cup of tea, thinking about the day ahead....


  1. Thank you for posting some fabulous pics of your fabulous kitchen...! LOVE it!!! Those canisters...(swoon)..those glass cups...(swoon). and yes that willow tin looks related to my tin birdie tray. next request..? Please send through a dozen of your finest cakes to my home address..! hehehe..xpenthea

  2. te-he....funny lady!

    don't forget, I want to see pics of your kitchen too!! Like you say, once all your beautiful homey things are in there, I'm sure it will look superb!

    maria xx