Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I heart.......Stamp Garlands

I came into a large pack of used stamps with the majority of them from the 1980s a wee while ago. I tried my hand at making them into garlands with my old sewing machine. These 2 here in our little girls room were the very first ones I made. They were in the shop but I just loved the bright mix of colours, I couldn’t let them go! I had asked my Mother in law, who is quite nifty with a needle and thread, if she could make me some bunting for the area where the stamp garlands are now. She did, I put them up but some little person who shall remain nameless (!) kept pulling them down. She went into a bed some months ago now and when we pulled the cot away from the wall it had left these – grooves. I needed something pretty to hide them. The fabric bunting wasn’t working so I tried the stamp garlands instead. They hide the grooves and Miss nearly 3 hasn’t even touched them – hurrah!

 I think they are so sweet. Over the festive season I had them all through the house and everyone who came to visit loved them. I gave many away as gifts too. Something a little bit different I guess, plus they don’t take up too much space. I have listed the last few I have left in the shop but I will keep these 2 in my daughters room for us; a little reminder of the fun I had making them. Take a peek. You never know, you might just have a spot for one!

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