Thursday, December 15, 2011

Favourite Finds

Carla from Favourite Vintage Finds has featured me a few times on her beautiful blog recently. Once showcasing my kitchen and the 2nd showcasing my Etsy Shop. SO very kind of her to do so plus it got me thinking. I like people who get me thinking ;)

I started thinking about things that mean something to me. I took a walk around our house and I can remember why I bought something or who owned it before it was ours, who made it or why something means so much to me. It’s nice to be surrounded by things we love. Our Favourite finds....

Heres a little sneak peek into my daughters room. This huge framed alphabet is actually a cross stitch that my Mother in law made when my husband was a toddler. It is phenominal! The hours that went into making it. I love it. And I have it right in the centre of the main wall in my daughters room. Everyone who takes a look in there is always drawn to it.

Here is the top of my daughters small wardrobe. The buggy and basket are sweet vintage finds. The shoes were actually mine when I was 1. My Father bought them for me when we were at the Blue Mountains. He died when I was 15 so these few items that I have left of him mean a lot to me. The mosaic is a piece I bought when I worked at an Art Centre many years ago. It was by a student whose name I still remember … I loved the use of old china in amongst the shiny mosaics…..she called it, “After Chagall”……I just fell in love with it!

Here is the main wall in our bedroom. We have an old chest of drawers that were made in the early 1900s and on top of this – an old wooden box which belonged to my husbands father. Some beautiful vintage glassware that I’ve had for years and years and a pretty toile covered memo board that holds many memories indeed. A card that our good friends gave us from America after we’d had our 2nd child; our first Valentines cards to eachother; the last Christmas card my Grandmother gave me before she passed away; a postcard from the movie, Frida – inspiration for my weddinghair! are just a few.... The art works on the wall to the left are beautiful postcards from Newspaper Taxi, a gift from my friend Caroline. To the right, some little bird matchbox covers from Raemj on Etsy and above this a beautiful print by Botanical Artist, Lesley Elkan. While I was at the art Centre she took a printmaking class once a week and this was one of her works. Apprently it had printed incorrectly while on the presses and for whatever reason she wasn’t happy with it. For once in my life I was in the right place at the right time!

So Thank you Carla for featuring me on your beautiful blog. It really means a lot to me and it reminded me of all the things around me that I love...

Have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends everyone.

Eat, drink and be Merry!

maria xx


  1. A big thank you for the thank you Maria! :) And I'm so glad you have been reminded of all the things you love! I've enjoyed seeing and reading the stories about your lovely favourite finds! Such a touching post Maria! ♥ Carla. xo

  2. Carla's blog brought me to yours! I love how you have decorated your home with meaningful, vintage pieces. The botanical print is so beautiful. The mosaic is so charming so I can see why you love it!!!

  3. thank you for joining my blog, that is really lovely of you ;)

    The work that people put into things always amazes me and I guess the print, the mosaic and the cross stitch are perfect examples of this.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New year! mxx

  4. So gorgeous Maria! Thankyou for sharing :) My mum was a good cross-sticher* and unfortunately Dad got rid of everything when she died :( I've tried my hand at it, but I am terribly impatient! I am inspired by your styling techniques. You must hop on a plane and fly over to help me! jk. no really. :D
    Hope this finds you well ;)

    V xo