Tuesday, August 7, 2012

No regretsy on Etsy - 2 years of fun!

Hello there! Today I celebrate 2 years on Etsy...YAY! Here are some of my favourite things - my favourite pieces and my favourite photos! that I thought I would share with you all. time flys.....

I remember when I found this beautiful breakfast in bed tray....my heart stopped beating! I knew exactly how I wanted to photograph it. My great grandmother hand stitched the place mat that you can see in the pic too!

This is my all time favourite picture. Something about milk glass, I just think it is stunning and the colour of this wool with the feather, just divine!
This was the first time my arts background snuck into my listings. This was one of a series that I titled, "Still Life" a piece with various findings and this was one of the items that the lovely Kristy from Flights of Fancy bought. She uses this piece as part of her props now!

If I could, I would fill my house with flowers everyday! and every now and then I buy a big bunch and use them in a photo or 2 for my listings. I loved the shape of this pitcher; it was so thick and heavy and had a real history about it. Just a gorgeous old piece that was perfect as a vase too!

Luminarc glassware is just classic, isn't it? I imagine these being used at a wedding or any fancy soiree. I just loved the light through them and the lady who bought them was so incredibly happy with them. It's always nice to get such lovely feedback!

This set was originally a set of 10 and I sold part of it as a set of 4 so yes, I still have 6 for myself! That blue against the white is just such a pretty combination. The Etsy Shop Sadie Olive even featured this pic on her blog - she loved it too!

My heart went a flutter when I saw these pretty things too! Westminster tea cups in perfect condition with a white exterior and each interior a different pretty pastel tone. From memory this was my quickest sale! It was gone 3 hours after it was listed!

This is one of my most recent sales. I loved this collection of china but each piece had cracks, chips or crazing; they reminded me of the mosaic I bought from the Art Centre many years ago where the artist used vintage china. So I thought these pretty pieces would look gorgeous in a mosaic too!
Sometimes you come across something beautiful where you least expect it. I always love looking at old furniture, not that I have anywhere to put it! but I enjoy looking at beautiful pieces. I remember seeing this gorgeous old kitchen dresser with the prettiest old metal handles in the shape of a rose. I pulled on one, opening  the drawer just slightly and saw these beautiful pieces of old wallpaper being used as liners. 5 pieces of equal size. Just stunning. A lady from the US bought these pieces and I would still love to know what she ended up doing with them!

wow! There were so many more pictures I wanted to add but hey, you can just go and check out my shop......have fun! ;-)


  1. Beautiful photography Maria, and fabulous shop too! I love popping in to see what's new! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Such gorgeous pieces Maria! I love love love my wooden stand - when it's not being used for a lolly or dessert buffet at a wedding I'm styling it sits on the chest of drawers in our bedroom and my husband puts his bottles of aftershave on it! So it is definitely well used and loved - as are all the pieces I've bought from your shop! x

  3. Really creative photography and a lovely eye and feel for old things that deserve a second or third life:-) Happy 2nd Birthday!

  4. Thank you very much ladies!

    Julia, I love popping into your shop too! We have very similar tastes ;-) and thank you for following my blog!

    Kristy, That piece would look so gorgeous displaying mens aftershave! Who would have thought!

    Jessica, you are an amazing photographer! and that really means a lot to me for you to say my photography is creative.....wow!!!

    xxx m

  5. Big Congrats on 2 years on Etsy, Maria! August 7 is my blogoversary day too! :)

    Your items and photos are always wonderful as are your recipes!

    Nice to see those lovely photos of you and your hubby at your cousin's wedding, and your own wedding in previous posts.

    ♥ and hugs, Carla.

    1. Thanks so much for your support Carla! and how bizarre is that? sharing the same anniversay!

      More recipes coming in the next couple of weeks. I am testing,testing,testing at the moment!

      maria xx