Wednesday, July 18, 2012

quilt crazy

I take my hat off to anyone who can sew. When I was young I thought Doris Day was the beez kneez. I remember buying pretty vintage fabrics in buttercup yellow or fabric with little cherry motifs and making my own skirts. Very simple skirts I should add. But that was about as far as I got. These days I let my Mother in law do all the sewing. You see, she is one clever lady when it comes to a needle and thread and one of her big passions is quilting. It's one of those crafts that I didn't really think about until she made my husband a quilt (one of her first) back in 2001. It was just a small one to throw over the couch but it was in these lovely olive, black and mustard tones.  She must have sensed that I was a little envious of this beautiful quilt as  I received mine a few months later for my birthday; a bright yellow and hot pink one! Over the years we have been lucky enough to have been given 7 more beautiful hand made quilts.

Last year my Mother in law moved onto making one for my Brother in law and his new wife and it was spectacular. I was SO jealous!!!  It was different shades of cream with white. Hard to explain but just stunning. My Mother in law asked me if I would like her to make one for our bedroom too. After a quiet happy dance I said, "I would love one!... in soft blues please ;-)". And this is what she came with. If I hadn't seen her working on it for nearly 6 months I would swear that this quilt had been bought from a shop. I take my hat off to you Helen!

This beautiful quilt has brought such calmness to this space. I love laying on the bed flicking through a magazine or sitting on the armchair in the corner reading with the sun on my back....bliss!
the blue circle in the middle is the centrepiece

a close up of all the tiny details

And here's my effort! My Mother in law had some fabric left over so I made a simple tissue box cover to match!


  1. Oh wow that quilt is a masterpiece! hats of to your mother-in-law. I simply cannot believe how similar we are! I have about 7 Doris Day dvd's. I ♥ her style and her characters are always a bit cheeky! I'm just starting to get into sewing, I love the thought of creating something, it's just the actual creating that never turns out the way I want! Sorry for comment-stalking your posts.. but I couldn't help it! ;)
    V xo

  2. hahaha. My favourite DD movie of all time is The Glass Bottom Boat. Hilarious!

    That's no good about the cold. I think I better not mention your health in any further conversations in case of jinxing you again!

    Good luck with the sewing!


  3. Oh I've tried to get that! But it wasn't available in Oz! Now I just want to watch it more... thanks maria... gawsh :D
    I think that is a very good idea :) I don't want to be sick anymore!

    sigh.. sewing and I shall persevere.. but I'm losing hope. :D

    V xo

  4. nice posting. thanks for sharing