Friday, March 16, 2012

autumn inspired

I love this time of year! The fresh mornings, the still warm days and the cool always inspires me, that change in the light. I thought I would share a few recent purchases that reminded me of Autumn and the cooler months ahead.

The purse -  I just love the tone of it. It's so rustic and pretty. Just like Autumn.

The beads and the game - Don't you just love olive green! Quoits make a fun display but you can also pull them off the shelf and use them. With the recent rain we've been playing them inside with the kids and doing silly things like hopping on 1 foot when we have a turn.....funny! The beads, well, they are a great length and I like that they are little chunky.....and they aren't rediculusly heavy which is a bonus!

The book - Laura Ashley Bedrooms, 1988 by Susan Irvine. Who doesn't love their bedroom in the cooler months! I love the cover on this book. So pretty. and inside, I love the chapter about, The Rustic Bedroom. Aren't those soft blue tones beautiful? I had to have this book when I saw this picture. It just reminded me of those cool mornings when we pull the covers up a little higher and delay the start of the day....just by a little bit....

the saying - I'm not normally one for sayings and things of this nature but I thought this was adorable and so beautifully made.......I couldn't believe someone had parted with it. It's now living in our kitchen, next to the stove, watching me as I bring in the harvest from the veggie patch and waiting then to see what I'm going to do with 9 capsicums and 1 tomato!

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