Thursday, February 23, 2012

pretty birds + new old things

I thought I would share a few new old things I purchased recently. A pretty birdcage is something I've had my eye out for a while. I saw a few with old glass vases filled with hydrangeas in a magazine once and thought they looked so incredibly pretty. This one is in our lounge room where I have a collection of items with bird motifs - an old bamboo tea box, a warhol-esque print and an art work by Paul Miller of a lady with a blackbird on her head. The old bird post card was my next find, then the beautiful Mason jar - such a gorgeous colour! and finally - the delicate little birds bought from here. Aren't they stunning? I am so happy with them!! They come in a set of 6. So 2 have gone to live in the bird cage, another one is sitting on an old wooden sieve above the tv, one is sitting on the lip of an old bottle right next to the Peace Lily and the other two are hanging out in my little girls room. I love it when people look twice at them......wondering to themselves.....are they real?

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