Sunday, February 13, 2011

Orange Granita

Man, it has been hot! The kind of hot where you've had a cold shower and then dry yourself with a towel that feels like it's been sitting in a kiln....damn hot!
We have been enjoying ice cream every night for dessert just so we can cool down for a few minutes. 2 weeks later I've noticed that there's not a lot of healthy options out there. I know healthy and ice cream sound ridiculous together and I'm really not a fan of low-fat! So I was thinking about something refreshing and cold and full of flavour.........hello Granita!


5-6 oranges (enough juice to give you a little over a cup)
1 cup water
1/4 cup caster sugar

how to make your orange granita

Grab a small saucepan and pour in the water and sugar. Over a low heat stir until the sugar has dissolved. Pour into a wide container with a lid and pop in the fridge.
Now you can juice your oranges. Pour the juice through a sieve so there is no pulp. When you have just over a cup pour it into the container with the sugar water. Give it a little stir and pop in the freezer. Check on it every hour or so and give it a rake with a fork. When it's reached the right consistency (think slushie!) pour it into little cups ( I used pretty little tea cups which looked soooo cute) and serve!


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